Eliza Baker

At Eliza Baker Boutique a curious, old world charm sets the scene for an impressive selection of International & Australian labels. Brought to life by Fashion Importer, Domenique Nestel & Jocelyn Kahil the concept is all about bringing the world of fashion to your doorstep.

Eliza Baker introduces: Melinda & Narina

Melinda & Narina is a tale of two sisters. It’s a story of an Australian label, launched in 2007, fashioned from the fabric of love, family and trust.

As children, the girls forged a strong bond while creating their beautiful elaborate play worlds. And now, as business partners, the balance and strength of their relationship is stitched into every creation.

Made in Sydney, from luxury fabrics sourced globally, every aspect of the design process is overseen by the sisters. Years spent studying and working in the Australian fashion industry, have resulted in a distinctive design aesthetic: Modern tailoring, innovative detailing and exotic prints are elegantly tied together with a cohesive, tonal colour palette. The result is an inspiring collection of femininity, warmth and grace.

Eliza Baker is proud to bring you the Melinda & Narina Autumn Winter 2014 collection, which was born in the unique country of Belgium. Prints and colours were inspired by the textures of Belgium’s natural beauty. The pure tranquil warmth of the landscape blanketing its stylish cities inspiring a new range for this exciting Australian fashion brand.


Melinda & Narina is available in-store at Eliza Baker: 

447 High Street, East Prahran, Victoria - Australia

Phone: (613) 9533 7369
Email: info@elizabaker.com.au

Yttrium by Aurelio Costarella

(Drum roll please..)

We are very excited to announce that Aurelio Costarella, (Co-owner at Eliza Baker and Australian designer-to the-stars) has launched a stunning new brand.  

YTTRIUM BY AURELIO COSTARELLA (pronounced it-ree-uhm) is sold exclusively at Eliza Baker and only a select few other stores like Myer and Aurelio’s own boutique, Post Emporium in Perth.  


Photo’s by PAUL SCALA, Styled by Jolyon Mason MODEL – Ruby-Jean Wilson.

The range, developed over the last two years, is inspired by Aurelio’s love of architecture, organic paper, light and nature. It crafts savvy feminine pieces using incredibly luxurious textures and soft fluid fabrics: leather, textured suede, knit, wool & jersey create striking draped dresses, blouses and to-die-for blazers.    

For the board meeting, meet-the-parents or after work drinks - Yttrium has it covered. Come in and take a peek for yourself!

Congratulations Aurelio we absolutely love Yttrium! x







We thought we’d mark Australia Day, by featuring Australia’s best fashion designer, Aurelio Costarella.. (ok.. that’s voted by us!)

This incredible fashion story was shot for The Journal Magazine, by Carlos Fernandes. We love the elegant yet colourful feel and the dramatic hair & make up.


Shazzy Playsuit by Aurelio Costarella.


Sequin slipby Aurelio CostarellaimageOstrich feather jacket by Aurelio Costarellaimage

Garland gown by Aurelio Costarella 

Photographer: Carlo Fernandes

Hair & Makeup: Sue Marshall

Stylist: Claudia Bertorello

Model: Chanel Caldwell @ Chadwick Models

Maya McQueen - New season colours

Designed in Melbourne by our own, Domenique Nestel, shoe label Maya McQueen is developing a strong following as fans discover that comfort, quality & ethical manufacturing can come together in one perfect shoe!

Over the holiday season, brand new colours in the Grace, suede loafers are proving the perfect fit for relaxed, summer styling. Think fresh citrus, sophisticated corals and nautical, bright blues.

The Grace loafer is also the perfect travel partner. On overseas fashion buying trips Domenique lives in her Maya McQueens.

"My real Joy is my pair of Maya McQueen loafers. The perfect travel shoes - they don’t beep going through customs and are easy to slip on and off. Worn with my silk pants I feel a tad like I’m still in my PJs. This is chic comfort personified!" Domenique.

Combining great design with a bold, fun colour palette, the collections are produced in countries known as hotspots for exceptional, ethical and traditional manufacturing (think Brazil, Portugal and Italy!) But the brand does come with a warning…one pair of Maya McQueen’s may not be enough!






Talking To: Janice Breen Burn

When Janice Breen Burn, highly regarded Fashion Editor at Melbourne’s ‘The Age’, left her post after 12 years, her fans (us) were thrilled for the chance to follow her new blog, VoxFrock. Janice’s wealth of experience and wit ensure her VoxFrock following is kept abreast of Melbourne’s fashion goings-on, whilst being highly entertained.

We tracked down the busy lady, right in the middle of Spring Racing Season, to ask a few questions.


We’ve been fans of your writing since your time at ‘The Age’. Your style is personable and humorous but always well researched and elegant. Did you always want to write? And what led you to a career in fashion journalism?

Firstly, I must tell you that I initially I dropped out of two (journalism major) university degrees! I did finish my tertiary education with honours at Melbourne University when I was about thirty, but that was much later and after my career was established…

At 16 I left home in country Victoria and came to Melbourne to study. In order to fund my education, I had to work during the day and study by night. I was about seventeen when I got a job as Receptionist / Office assistant at ‘Rag Trader’, the fashion industry’s newspaper. While there I began writing a column called Counter Comment. Later, I became the youngest Women’s Editor at the ‘Geelong Advertiser’ and after a couple of years was offered a job at the ‘Herald Sun’. You see I got really, really busy. I didn’t have time for university in those days.

Although I was working on general news stories as well, I was most interested in writing about fashion at a time when many journalists were not. It was considered a very lonely beat - the ‘frock beat’ - so it was an area I had it to myself.

When did you first take an interest in fashion?

There were six children in my family and so I was always wearing ‘hand-me-downs’ which I hated. My parents were well-bred and learned but they were white-collar working class. We didn’t have a lot of money.

After I left home and began working full time in Melbourne, I suddenly had my own money. This was Nirvana to me as it meant I could buy my own clothes.

In regard to my personal style, I’ve always had a bit of a ‘classic’ bent. I was never particularly enamoured of following labels like a sheep and do not understand why people flock to Chanel just because it’s Chanel or Prada because it’s Prada. I’ve always had a really disparate taste base. I like beautiful design and beautiful quality. It could be a young Australian designer like Andy Truong, or Toni Maticevski. It’s the quality, originality and fit that interest me.

How did VoxFrock come about?

I’d been working for ‘The Age’ for 19 years, (with 12 as Fashion Editor) when the compression of the newspaper industry around the world began to have an obvious effect at ‘The Age’. A lot of very disappointing policies were adopted regarding the concept of fashion within the paper.  There was less interest in writing about fashion as a cultural phenomenon or an historic marker than there had been in one hundred and fifty years – the history of the paper itself!

The nail in the coffin was about 5 years ago when they cancelled the fashion papers, after shrinking and shrinking them. I left with around 70 (mostly) veteran journalists, who didn’t like the idea of what was happening there.

My intention was to take a year off. VoxFrock, which has now been going for six months, is in fact my year off. Of course I work on it more than full–time.

The way I approach the blog is the same way I worked the fashion pages ten years ago. I write it and edit and with commissioning pieces from guest columnists. I am not a ‘Veteran’ blogger, a ‘Selfie-taker’, or a ‘Shop-The Looker’.  A long-form blog, VoxFrock is comprised of stories about people, phenomena and evolving trends.  It’s a much deeper engagement with fashion.

The followers are racking up slowly but surely every month indicating that people are discovering it and getting a kick from it too!

What era in fashion holds the most fascination for you?

Definitely the 50’s! I think the fact that this era has been revived, particularly in race-wear, over the last 5 or 6 years is significant because the 1950’s are the seat of modern glamour.

From Dior in 1948 onwards, this was about the celebration of the female form. It doesn’t matter that we got ‘boxy’ in the 60’s and we got ‘warrior-like’ in the 80’s or that we went all ‘drapey’ in the 90’s. We keep returning again and again to the 1950’s.

Designers like Karl Largefield for example, continue to resort to the premise of femininity and glamour that was sketched out by designers at this time.

What fashion destination do you really love in Melbourne?

I know that it’s not particularly fashionable to like it, but I really love Chapel Street… all the way from Toorak to Dandenong Road. It’s almost like a tuning fork for how things are going in the fashion industry with the ‘swank’ stores up one end and little independents and cafes crowding into the cheaper end. Now the cheaper end is getting more expensive.

I’ve been going to that strip since I was about 16..

With the imminent arrival of Osklen’s new range, ‘Endless Summer’ we wanted to give an overview of this exciting Brazilian range.

If ever there was a collection that sums up all we love about a long, hot summer, it is Osklen Summer 2013.  

Prints abound in stunning black & white digital photography featuring Rio’s famous Sugar Loaf mountain ranges. Colourful, tropical flower patterns and a perfect sunset over Ipanema are sure to thrill!   

Be transported to the very heart of this iconic fashion brand - Osklen. 
Dom x   







Anna Rita N Summer 2014

From Italy, Anna Rita N Summer 2014 is, as always, sultry and feminine.

This season’s colours are a stunning range of blue, aqua, soft pink and vintage grey. Beautiful feminine dresses in luxurious silk prints are a stand out this season!

If you’re looking for an exclusive outfit to stand out from the crowd at the Spring races, don’t miss out on the Summer 2014 samples which have just arrived in store at Eliza Baker.

Visit us in Melbourne at: 447 High Street, East Prahran, Victoria, Australia

Phone:  (+613) 9533 7369 Email: info@elizabaker.com.au

Or at Facebook: HERE






Talking To: Tash Williams

We spoke with the clever Tash Williams, Managing Editor of fashion blog, Breakfast With Audrey about her life as a blogger and her love of fashion!


Tash, what led you to where are you now? What is your background?

I studied Media Communications, but I have always had a love of fashion. While I was studying I worked as a Social Media Manager in beauty, but as soon as I graduated, I just fell into BWA. It’s a natural progression of my love of fashion, writing and all things online.

What is the concept behind the Breakfast With Audrey?

BWA is all about building a community. We love to feature inspiring real women, local designers, emerging bloggers and businesses as well as those already established. I like to bring fashion, beauty and lifestyle to readers in a real and easy to understand way.

What inspires you?

So many things! Art, blogs, books, designers.. I love to ‘people watch’ on a Saturday morning. My mum and my best girlfriends inspire me day to day. Style wise, strong women like Christine Centenera, Iris Apfel, Grace Coddington and Carine Roitfeld.

What are your favourite fashion blogs? (other than BWA?)

I have WAY too many, but a few are: Gary Pepper Girl, Jess Loves Fred, Substance Blog, Xssat Street Fashion, What Would Karl Do.

From where do you work?

Everywhere! If I am out and about for meetings, events and shoots I take my laptop with me and work remotely. I have a beautiful home office that I love to come home to and knuckle down, in my slippers too!

What do you love about Australian fashion?

So much. Its vibrant, its unique and its relaxed. Aussie fashion doesn’t try to hard but looks effortlessly chic with a beach-side element. I think our isolation works in our favour because it means we are even more hungry for fashion.

What is your first fashion memory? When did you first take an interest in fashion?

Delving into my mum’s closet at eight, and discovering designer pieces and custom suits. It was love at first sight.

What does a normal workday look like for you?

No day is the same, as cliched as that is! One day it’s filming for a label collaboration, the next its styling a shoot for editorial.

What ideals do you hold and how does your role/blog reflect those?

I have pretty clear-cut ideals, I like featuring inspiring women in business and life. I like to explore and portray both ends of the positive body image spectrum. I think fashion should be an escape, something magical. It’s pretty hard to quantify in words, but hopefully BWA speaks for itself.

Is there a city / place that you find most inspiring for fashion?

Seoul, Korea. It’s my Mums hometown and a very exciting hub for emerging designers and creativity, the whole country is really coming into its own.

What is your proudest achievement?

The site is definitely one of them! I have met with and worked with so many amazing people, brands and blogs along the way.

What do you find really exciting about your industry at present?

Digital is moving so quickly if you are not aboard the freight train, you are going to be run down by it. You have to adapt, learn and change, and that is always slightly terrifying but totally exciting.

What problems does your industry face at present?

Over saturation of the digital space with blogs, online stores and online offerings is going become a problem. Helping consumers and brands differentiate is what is going to help people stand apart from the rest.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you love to be doing?

It sounds crazy but I think my fiance and I would start a wildlife retreat, we are crazy in love with animals!

What do you love about boutiques such as Eliza Baker?

To me shopping in boutiques like EB is like shopping in the closet of a fabulous buyer. The spread is not huge, but that’s a good thing. The aesthetic is clear, and honed and when you step into a store, you know exactly who the EB girl is and what she loves.

Talking To: Aleida Harger

Fashion designer, Aleida Harger grew up in New Zealand, studied in London and now travels the world with her work. Aleida has created fashion labels ‘Louche’ and ‘Aleida’ which are both stocked at Eliza Baker.

Aleida, you have moved around so much, where do you live now?

I have lived for the past 17 years in Hong Kong but with a 3-year interlude in New York/LA and some shorter periods back in London. I miss London the most because it feels like my growing up home, but I don’t miss the weather!

I get to spend a lot of time in New Zealand, Australia and Bali because of my business so I am very lucky to always be traveling to places that I love and where I can catch up with family and friends.

Where do you get ideas for your designs?

Everywhere. I am always taking in inspiration - what people are wearing on the street, in films, magazines, colour combinations and print ideas from graphics, street art, fine art, café’s, museum’s, and jewelry. It’s everywhere I look once I am in that design mode.

I have a strong design idea for what creates and works with the development of the ‘Louche’ and ‘Aleida’ collections and styling. Once I start work on a new collection it’s a very easy to find inspiration and for that inspiration to keep developing and growing in to a collection.  We know what our customers like and what they appreciate in our product. The hard work is the technical side, putting all of the information together and ensuring the fit and construction is perfect.

How would you describe your personal style? How does it evolve and change? 

My fashion style seems to gravitate around my hairstyles! Mostly I have shorter hair and I tend to play with a more girly look - a little hint of 60’s I suppose and lots of dresses, but that is also so I don’t have to spend too much time coordinating because I am always in such a hurry to get out. I will always try to do 6 things in a day rather than just an accomplishable 3 or 4. As a result, I am always rushing and have little time to get ready.

Jeans are my other big wardrobe staple, I’ve always been a big jean fan and have a deep appreciation for denim fabrics and denim manufacture, as my parents where in this part of the fashion business. 

I have become a big fan of our ‘Louche’ and ‘Aleida’ coloured capris pants, which I now have in every colour - pink, red, camel, blue-chequer, navy  – so I am branching out!

When I have longer hair I often opt for a more edgy look. I’ll wear Aleida or Louche but mix it with other designers or vintage pieces and prefer to buy quirky pieces from new and experimental designers. In London I recently brought a pair of 50’s style shorts made in African print fabric that I wear with our Louche sequin tops, Mary Jane high heels and a straw trilby.

When I was a student I was queen of the op-shop and I am a magpie in a vintage store - particularly anything printed. Now however, I detest synthetic fibers so unless it is silk I try to resist because I will never end up wearing it.

What other fashion labels do you admire and why? 

I love Trelise Cooper’s, ‘Cooper’ label and I have a lot of gorgeous silk loungewear from Aloe. Claire from Aloe and I started our labels at the same time and it’s nice to be in contact with her other designers in this industry who are on a similar journey.

Aurelio Costarella is my favorite Australian Designer because he is just so incredibly talented, (not becuase he is stocked in Eliza Baker!)

..and I love Spanish and Brazilian labels generally because their sense of fun with the detailing and colour combinations is very on par with my own design sensibility. Osklen and Indi&Cold are also two of my favourites.

What are your must-have beauty products?

I am always on the run so sitting for any length of time in a salon for anything is a rare event. I love my hairdresser because she is very experimental and very quick! 

For skincare I use Trilogy from NZ, scent: Victor and Ralf’s Flower Bomb, makeup: Mac or YSL and nails: Opi and When Monkeys Fly.

What items can’t you live without?

1. My grandmother’s engagement ring which I wear everyday. She was a very calming influence in my life when I was younger and it’s good to be reminded of slower and more considered times in the fast pace of today’s world.

2. My Blackberry because I can type very fast on the keypad. I’ll be devastated if they move to touch screen only.

3. My fluro pink patent leather Paul Smith sandals that literally go with every outfit in my wardrobe. I seriously consider adding sandals into the Louche collection so I can advert the day I can no longer have them re-soled.

What other exciting upcoming projects have you got in the pipeline?

I am just moving apartment so I am pretty excited to re-create a new environment. I’ve had the living room painted a murky yellow lime and my bedroom painted rosewater pink. It’s the first time I have had pink anything in my home as I usually go for quite a masculine interior look. I have decided I am old enough now to have a Boudoir.

Other than that, it’s work, work, work. Louche started as a silk print label but now there is a lot of interest in the beaded dress’s we are designing. So this is my new major project and diversion and I just love it, it’s very challenging creatively.

Aurelio Costarella New range: RETROSPECT, SS13/14,

Co-owner of Eliza Baker store, Aurelio Costarella designs exquisite evening wear worn by a plethora of international stars including Rihanna, Dita Von Teese, Eva Mendes, Dannii Minogue and Nicole Scherzinger.

The new collection is a delight in silk chiffon, silk crepe and silk tulle in a colour palette ranging from leaf, peach, tangerine, gunmetal, peacock and wood, punctuated with graphic black, white and silver elements.


Leather and suede come into play and crushed sequins punctuate the collection with bronze and silver highlights. Confetti like prints and abstract spots on silk/cotton voile create fun, while Sunray pleated metallic gowns add drama.


INSPIRATION “It was very much about looking back at where I started and how my career has evolved. There is definitely a nod to collections past — a reinterpretation of concepts. The development of the collection took an unexpected turn when my father passed away suddenly. His death forced me to pause and brought up mixed feelings about identity. The concept of looking back had taken a turn. The reflection was now about my relationship with my father, my interaction with family over this period. 

Retrospect had taken on a new meaning.” 

Aurelio Costarella